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Added on October 13th 2016
The merger between Durlinger Shoes and Shoetime begin 2016, had significant consequences for the intralogistics of both companies. The two different warehouses from both companies and their stock were recently integrated in the existing warehouse of Shoetime in Panningen.
Because of this merger Optimus Sorters extended the Optisorter from Durlinger Shoes which was installed in 2012 from 60 exits to 85 exits. Both Durlinger Shoes and Shoetime’s 79 stores are supplied from the warehouse in Panningen.
The sorter improves the picking and the sorter process by ease and time. “When manually processing there are seven steps from the moment the shoes arrive at the warehouse. In addition to unpacking, you should for example also sort to size, counting, pricing, storting, picking, scanning and place into containers”. When using a sorter there are only three steps from the moment the shoes arrive at the warehouse. The boxes are unpacked and put to the sorter, after the boxes have been sorted at storelevel they are placed into containers. The boxes which don’t need to go to the stores just yet, are also sorted out and go through a separate link to the warehouse for replenishment.
Another advantage of the sorter is that picking for replenishment doesn’t need to happen per shop but all the boxes can be picked randomly mixed together, with huge saving on distances and pickingtme. The sorter arranges that all products are send to the exit of the right store.
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