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The OptiSorter is designed for sorting a large range of different products. The principle of the OptiSorter is a tray with a pusher which moves freely along the tray. The pusher is used to push the product of the tray. Key Data: Sorter type : OptiSorter (pusher tray) Sorted products : garments, shoes, accessories, post, multimedia, cartons, jiffy bags etc. Capacity : up to 15.000 trays per hour depending on tray size Tray size : min. 150 x 200 mm  max. 600 x 800 mm Destinations : chutes with wood or gravity rollers, postal bag, carton, boxes or roll container Layout : carrousel, vertical, “dog leg”, multilevel Infeed : manual and automatic Characteristics of the OptiSorter: ►Sorts a wide range of items and packages … very small lightweight items to heavier large items, odd-sized packages ►Modular design … faster installation time, easy to extend in the future ►Sorter track can decline and incline … eliminate in-feed platform; multi-level solutions are possible ►Configurable design … carousel, dog-leg, sort to outside and inside destinations ►Configurable destinations … sort to single chute, double chute, boxes, container, roll container ►Destination can be equipped with lights and displays … faster packing and destination turns ►Item and package scanning … options for manual and automatic ►Item and package in-feed … options for manual, automatic overhead, automatic 45degree ►Low noise level … <70 decibels ►Low number of  fractional drives … low energy consumption (Green technology) ►Practical and efficient design … easy to maintain; low maintenance costs
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